Bonnie Kay & The Bona Fides

August 16, 2015 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
$12 entry

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Bonnie Kay & The Bona Fides

Sunday the 16th of August from 5pm  |  Entry $12
Here is a unique sort of soulful and sassy package of blue s and roots: Open it!
Bonnie Kay, a contemporary American singer/songwriter from Philly who landed in Australia via Tokyo, uses acoustic, finger-picking, slide -guitar techniques, plus a voice reminiscent of blues icon Bonnie Raitt’s, to deliver her own red-hot, sexy sound.
Bonnie’s voice and guitar speak evocatively to the archetypal medley of emotions springing from the trauma of love relationships between humans: yearning, angst, passion, lust and yes .. everyone ‘s favourite – depression. With two failed marriages (and all the bits before, after and in between) behind her, she conjures up situations for her audience to experience right along with her: the good, the bad and the ugly, with slightly less emphasis on the good, or it just wouldn’t be the blues . To formulate her traditional yet modern approach to the blues, she draws on not just her own past experiences , but those of countless sisters and friends in life and literature.
Her Bona fide companions began with one: Matt Russell. Bonnie and Matt formed a duo with 2 acoustic guitars creating a sound so vibrant and full, the perfect complement to each other. Matt brought both support to Bonnie ‘s sound and a sound so uniquely his own- It was a dance of blue s and roots with no lead dancer or set steps . One could simply get lost in it. Wayne Rigby made the duo a trio with his saxophone and flute . Wayne added an indescribable element of texture and colour to their sound- some times smooth and jazzy, some time s gritty and raw- taking the dance to a sobbing heap on the floor and then lifting it up into a foot-stomping, hollering hootenanny . Add Jed Wesley -Smith on double bass, Peregrin Chiara on drums and Tanya Bethune on trumpet and you’ve got additional elements of jazz, soul and funk- a Bona fide Band with a capita l B.
That, there, is the whole truth.


The Fever Pitch

In the 1950s a type of music known as R&B was born, but time has watered it down into a pale imitation of its earlier greatness. Today it can only be found in the record department of your local public library.
The Fever Pitch is bringing back the Blues and pounding out the Rhythm that have for so long been missing from your lives. Putting colour back in your eyes, a fire back in your belly and the heart back into your soul.
A 10-piece band with 3 singers, 4 horns and a pumping rhythm section, The Fever Pitch knows that feet should be stomped, heartstrings should be pulled and backbones should be slipped at each and every show. Entertainment is the key and dynamite soul is how The Fever Pitch unlocks the hearts and minds of each and every person in the room.
So if your life feels tepid and lukewarm – a grey lifeless tundra of gloomy rock and foot-staring indie pop – then turn up the heat! Raise the temperature until your eyes water, your knuckles crack and you feel it deep, deep down in your soul.
Ladies and gentlemen, turn it up until it’s at The Fever Pitch!!!