Fly Your Flag Competition – Winner Announced!

June 26, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm



It’s Petersham Bowling Club’s Flag Design Competition! 

Your kids love our lawns so we think it only appropriate that they should design the flag to flutter above. We want your kids to get creative and paint/crayon/sketch/illustrator/MSPaint us a flag for the ages. We want colour! We want movement! We want EXCITEMENT! Most of all we want it to encapsulate the spirit of the PBC.
The competition is open to ALL primary school aged children.
You can use paint, coloured pencils, crayons and textas. The more colour the better.
The winner will have their design made into a flag which will be raised at our membership drive on the 26th of June.
Entries MUST be submitted by the 10th of June so we can get the flag made in time. You can hand the entry in at the club or send an electronic version to flyyourflag@thepbc.org.au
DOWNLOAD the full terms and conditions here.
DOWNLOAD the template to draw in HERE!