Sportsbra, Arafura, Dual Citizen and Dead Finks

May 24, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sportsbra, Arafura, Dual Citizen and Dead Finks – Thursday 24th May DOWNSTAIRS IN THE GREEN ROOM

Come to the PBC on the 24th of May for a mixed bill of new and interesting Sydney punk bands. Only $10 on the door

Featuring Sportsbra, Arafura, Dual Citizen and Dead Finks – all bands who are aesthetically and sonically very different, yet are all linked under the umbrella term ‘punk.’ Sportsbra play a unique an interesting blend of emo and pop that teeters around the margins of punk, with a DIY necessity and attitude of inclusivity. Dual Citizen create drum machine driven dance music, akin perhaps to the human league, however drench their songs in cynicism and discordant guitar to create a soundtrack to Sydney in 2018. Overtly political, and smashingly fast, Arafura are an anti-colonial anti-powerviolence band. Not much to say for them, their drummer uses two bass drums and they successfully re-ignite the anger and immediacy of hardcore that seems often lost to derivate jock bands. Finally on the line up is a new band, currently called dead finks, however they have changed their name several times already. More of a recording project for their members, who play in other bands such as Pinkbatts and The Nuclear Family, this will be their first show. Complex and bizarre art punk.